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World NewsApple’s new fix-it policy is not the end for 'right to repair'

Apple’s new fix-it policy is not the end for ‘right to repair’

It was an thrilling day at iFixit in November 2021, when Apple introduced its resolution to launch a consumer-repair policy, together with new components, substitute screens, batteries, and repair manuals for iPhones. The push from the beforehand reluctant Apple was seen as a serious shift on the “right to repair” panorama.

Currently, 27 states have – or are engaged on – right-to-repair laws, and President Biden signed an govt order in the summer time of 2021 encouraging the Federal Trade Commission to use its authority to deal with “unfair anticompetitive restrictions on third-party repair or self-repair of items, such as the restrictions imposed by powerful manufacturers that prevent farmers from repairing their own equipment.”

CNBC first spoke with iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens earlier than Apple’s new restore policy was introduced, and caught up with him after the information over Zoom.

Watch CNBC’s dialogue with Kyle Wiens.


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