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World NewsElon Musk says his wealth isn't a 'deep mystery,' his taxes are...

Elon Musk says his wealth isn’t a ‘deep mystery,’ his taxes are ‘simple’

Tesla founder Elon Musk speaks on the unveiling occasion by “The Boring Company” for the check tunnel of a proposed underground transportation community throughout Los Angeles County, in Hawthorne, California, December 18, 2018.

Robyn Beck | Pool | Reuters

Responding to political assaults on his wealth and taxes, Elon Musk stated his wealth “is not some deep mystery” and that his taxes are so easy, he may do them himself “in a few hours.”

In an interview with The Babylon Bee, a conservative satire web site, the world’s richest man stated his wealth of greater than $245 billion is absolutely clear and isn’t stashed in any offshore accounts or particular tax automobiles to decrease his obligations.

Earlier this month, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted that Musk was “freeloading off everyone else,” since he did not pay federal revenue taxes in 2018.

“I don’t have any offshore accounts, no tax shelters,” Musk stated. When requested if H&R Block may do his taxes, he responded: “H&R Block could easily do my taxes. I don’t need H&R Block, I could do it. It would take a few hours. My taxes are very basic.”

Musk is anticipated to pay what’s prone to be the most important single particular person tax invoice in U.S. historical past, with federal and California revenue taxes estimated to prime $11 billion. He is required to pay the tax with the intention to obtain compensation of greater than $23 billion, paid within the type of inventory choices that may in any other case expire in August 2022.

In November, Musk polled his Twitter followers asking if he ought to promote 10% of his stake in Tesla. After his followers voted in favor of promoting, Musk stated he bought the ten%.

“I sold enough stock to get to around 10%, plus the option exercise stuff,” he stated within the interview.

The newest filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission present Musk nonetheless has at the least 3 million extra shares to promote to achieve his 10% goal of 17 million shares. He additionally nonetheless has practically 4 million extra inventory choices to train by August, which suggests there are both extra filings to come back, or he’ll promote or train extra inventory within the coming months.

Musk admitted that the requirement to pay his taxes on the compensation package deal was “part of the reason” for promoting this quarter. He created a scheduled promoting plan for the tax-related shares in September, properly earlier than the Twitter ballot. He stated that “over and above that” he bought shares to get to the ten% threshold.

Musk stated that his giant wealth and low taxes are each merchandise of basic math — his wealth comes from his possession stakes in Tesla and Space-X, which he stated have been “massively painful and difficult to build.”

He does not take a wage or money bonus, and he hasn’t bought a giant variety of shares within the firm till this yr. Since taxpayers solely pay taxes on revenue or inventory as soon as it is bought, Musk stated he did not pay giant taxes yearly.

“It’s important to understand, what is this wealth?” Musk stated. “It’s not like I have some massive cash balances. My cash balances are very, very low, and at least until I sold stock. … Really the first time I sold stock in any meaningful way was this quarter.”

He stated the one yr he did not pay taxes — 2018 — was as a result of he had “accidentally” overpaid in 2017 and had a credit score for 2018. Yet the criticism of his tax funds, he stated, led him to promote much more inventory than required by his choices train.

“I said ‘should I sell?’ What am I supposed to do? Do I send shares to the government? Unless I sell shares there is no actual mechanism to pay tax. So I said ‘should I sell 10% in order to pay tax?’ I asked Twitter and on balance they said yes.”

He stated that even immediately, his fortunes are tied virtually totally to Tesla and Space-X. “If Tesla went bankrupt, I would go bankrupt too, immediately.”


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