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World NewsHow Dr. Eric Topol recommends using rapid Covid tests amid omicron wave

How Dr. Eric Topol recommends using rapid Covid tests amid omicron wave

Dr. Eric Topol informed CNBC on Monday that rapid coronavirus tests have limitations that Americans should take note, as demand for quick diagnostic results surges throughout a wave of omicron variant infections.

“They’re not perfect,” Topol mentioned in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer on “Mad Money.”

The founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute mentioned that as a result of rapid antigen-based Covid tests are usually not as correct as PCR tests, it’s best to make use of them steadily to determine confidence within the outcomes.

“We can’t fully rely on testing” throughout this omicron wave, Topol mentioned, stressing the significance of carrying masks to assist cut back virus transmission. “And if we’re going to use rapid tests, they’ve got to be as close proximal to the time of the event as possible, and that would include travel,” he mentioned.

Topol, an skilled in genomics and individualized medication, mentioned up to now the information suggests omicron largely causes gentle illness in individuals who have acquired the Covid vaccine, together with a booster shot.

“With omicron, there’s a lot of breakthroughs,” Topol mentioned, suggesting it’s about “five fold” greater than the variety of breakthrough infections brought on by the delta variant. “Most of them have been reported to be pretty mild so far, so that’s the great news.”

To be certain, Topol mentioned there continues to be uncertainty surrounding the omicron variant, which was first detected final month. “We’re going to see a really large number of new infections … and a fraction of those are going to be not mild,” he mentioned. “They’re going to be severe, and we just don’t know what that fraction is yet.”

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