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FinanceSupply chain chaos, chip shortage could go through 2023: Paul Meeks

Supply chain chaos, chip shortage could go through 2023: Paul Meeks

The hunt for a brand new cellphone or automotive could get extra anxious.

Investor Paul Meeks warns Wall Street is underestimating the semiconductor shortage. He believes it’s going to take years as a substitute of months to get resolved.

“This might be a problem that persists deep into 2023,” the Independent Solutions Wealth Management portfolio supervisor informed “Trading Nation” on Friday.

Meeks, recognized for working the world’s largest expertise fund for Merrill Lynch through the dot-com bubble, expects a painful fallout.

“Some of these companies actually will not be able to ship units. And if they can’t ship units, they might disappoint on their earnings,” he mentioned. “Their stocks are so expensive that they could go down. Not go down a bit, they could go down a lot.”

While company America and customers attempt to deal with the availability chain frustration, semi shares are rallying. The VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF, which tracks the group, is up 35% during the last six months.

Meeks overweighted chipmakers in early June 2020 — months earlier than provide shortages made entrance web page information. He predicts the shares have much more room to run.

“I also like semiconductor capital equipment,” he mentioned. “But you have to be a sharpshooter because not only do you have to judge if their products are in favor or out of favor… you also have to figure out who has best executed their supply chains.”

Meeks lists Broadcom and Microchip Technology as examples of firms that efficiently tailored their order processes previous to the depths of Covid-19.

While Meeks is optimistic on semiconductors, he is anxious about FAANG, notably Apple.

“About 50% of their business still comes from the iPhone,” famous Meeks, who additionally teaches finance at The Citadel. “They have a great shortage that has cost them many billions of dollars of revenue last quarter.”

He sees the problems ramping up this vacation season and a whole lot of disillusioned customers who will not get purchases on time.

‘There’s not any reduction’


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