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World NewsIceland parodies Zuckerberg Meta announcement in viral tourism video

Iceland parodies Zuckerberg Meta announcement in viral tourism video

If the objective was to get individuals speaking about Iceland, a brand new tourism video is greater than succeeding.  

A video published yesterday by Inspired by Iceland, a advertising and marketing marketing campaign for Icelandic tourism, takes goal at a Mark Zuckerberg video launched in October asserting Facebook’s title change to Meta. In it, Zuckerberg hypes the so-called “metaverse,” a digital world that “will be the successor to the mobile internet.”

The metaverse’s defining high quality, stated Zuckerberg, is “the feeling of presence … like you’re there with other people.”

Welcome to ‘Icelandverse’

Icelandic tourism authorities appear to assume they’ll provide one thing higher.

In the brand new video, a Zuckerberg lookalike — full along with his Caesar minimize, minimalist garb and hand gestures — introduces viewers to “Icelandverse,” a spot of “enhanced actual reality without silly looking headsets.”

“Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach on how to connect our world — without being super weird,” the speaker deadpans to the digicam.

The video extolls Iceland’s “completely immersive” experiences, akin to its actual rocks, actual people and “skies you can see with your eyeballs.”

Press supplies despatched to journalists proceed the parody, explaining that Icelandverse was created “after millions of years in development” and that “users can explore and navigate their way through the many different layers of captivating reality, just by visiting.”

Officials, too, are in on the act.  

“Icelandverse has been built with experts in government, industry, nature and academia, plus a few volcanoes,” stated Sigridur Dogg Gudmundsdottir, head of Visit Iceland, in the video’s press launch.

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