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BusinessOwn Facebook-parent Meta if you want metaverse exposure

Own Facebook-parent Meta if you want metaverse exposure

SK Telecom: “It’s good. It’s just that my problem is, I don’t like the carrier business. It’s getting competitive. I’m not sure about how competitive it is in Korea, but the growth is not there. If you want metaverse, you’ve got to own the old Facebook [now known as Meta].”

Eventbrite: “Everyone is a platform-as-a-service company. Then again, this company has event planning. It’s got great management. What do we do? We have to speak to Julia Hartz, she runs it. Let’s get her on the show.”

Encore Wire: “[Ticker symbol] WIRE has been an up-and-down stock from Day One, and it is now in the up mode. It is going parabolic. The stock is parabolic, and I am not going to recommend a parabolic stock right here. It’s too dangerous, and people could get hurt.”

Origin Materials: “We have to do work on Origin Materials. I don’t understand why the stock has been going down, down, down when everyone in its cohort has been going up, up, up.”


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