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BusinessI think Azek is a buy

I think Azek is a buy

Azek: “I think Azek is a long-term buy because frankly, I believe that their artificial wood, so to speak, is better than the other guys … and [CEO] Jesse Singh is doing a terrific job there, so I think it’s a buy.”

Standard Lithium: “Everybody wants to play lithium, and to me it feels like when we got involved with the battery stocks, and boy, did they crush you. This is so speculative. Please don’t get hurt.”

Sonos: “We had them on. It was a great quarter. I’m sure people were worried about components. I think Sonos is a great long-term story, and you’re fine. I’m using [equity analyst] Katy Huberty’s work for Morgan Stanley. I think she does great stuff on it.”

Centrus Energy Corp.: “This is the uranium company that people want to buy. Uranium is being cornered, I think, and uranium stocks can continue to go up. But this is a speculative stock that has a greater fool theory to it.”

Paysafe: “Look, this thing should not be down 50%, honestly. It’s not a terrible company. It is just not a terrible company, so I am going to say it’s OK.”

Immunitybio: “You’re rolling the dice here because what it’s after is one of the toughest cancers, and that’s why I think the stock is struggling because it’s a cancer that, so far, not a lot of hope for.”

Cleveland-Cliffs: “You’re in luck. U.S. Steel reported a great number tonight. You know I like Cliffs. I think they’re terrific. By the way, my charitable trust, which you can follow by joining [CNBC’s Investing Club] , owns Nucor, and that’s the best of the lot.”

WeWork: “I think WeWork is good. I mean, it’s $10 [per share]. It crushed a lot of debt. I think it’s good. It makes a lot of sense in this kind of … hybrid work environment.”


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