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BusinessBuy Chewy, hold Berkshire Hathaway long term

Buy Chewy, hold Berkshire Hathaway long term

Chewy — “It’s a high-flying growth stock. I like it. I think you should buy more. I think it’s in good shape.”

Perficient — “That’s a very red hot business analytics company. We have too many of these. While Perficient may be proficient, I have to stick with Salesforce”

Berkshire Hathaway — “You’re never going to go wrong buying the shares of Berkshire Hathaway, even after whatever happens to Mr. Buffett because he’s got a great team. Huge cash flow, a lot of great brands, I want you to stay long that stock.”

TMC — “That’s a Canadian battery company. I don’t have much surety that that’s going to be the winner. …Remember, there’s not enough room for all of these companies. We’re starting to see companies getting shaken out. I don’t want to be in with that company.”

Lion Electric — “We like Lion Electric. This is another zero emission vehicles. Now again, we’re seeing this shake out, and the shake out says be careful with these names. …So we’re going to hold back. Everybody wants in Tesla and it’s taking all the money away from the group.”

Microvast — “We’re not buying any of these lithium battery companies. There’s too many of them and they’re all going down. And while they may have a move back up, it is going to be an opportunity to lighten up, not be bigger.”

Jazz Pharmaceuticals — “I’m going to be unmitigated and tell you you should buy this. …I don’t see the federal government legalizing cannabis like everybody said they would. I like Jazz Pharma.”

nCino — “nCino is a winner. Now this one is not taking off the way I wanted to, what I expected. I want you to buy nCino.”


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