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BusinessLong Covid ‘is a very debilitating condition with serious cognitive conditions,’ says...

Long Covid ‘is a very debilitating condition with serious cognitive conditions,’ says researcher behind new study

The writer of a new study mentioned the damaging impacts for “long Covid” sufferers, individuals whose signs final months after initially turning into contaminated.

“Our work and the work of others has shown that this affects people’s abilities to make plans, synthesize information, and do their daily activities of work,” mentioned David Putrino, the Director of Rehabilitation Innovation at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. “They suffer from a lot of memory loss and inability to form new memories, as well as difficulty with speaking. This is a very debilitating condition with serious cognitive conditions.” 

In Putrino’s study researchers examined how lengthy Covid can have an effect on individuals’s skill to work, and so they discovered practically half of all “long-haulers” surveyed mentioned they weren’t capable of return to full employment. The study additionally discovered that just about two-thirds of long-term Covid sufferers report “brain fog,” which incorporates reminiscence loss. 

Putrino underscored to CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith” that lengthy Covid is a “very real problem,” and that extra consideration must be paid to offering long-term care to impacted sufferers. 

“It is affecting people of all ages and it doesn’t seem to discriminate on who it’s going to strike down after an acute event,” mentioned Putrino. “We need to organize, and we need to start getting government groups involved in providing long-term care for patients who have been sick over a year now with no real end in sight.”


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