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BusinessI am a seller of Ocugen

I am a seller of Ocugen

GrowGeneration: “We recommended it in the teens. When it got to the $40s, we decided that was good enough, no more to it, and we have not looked back.”

Vale SA: “Iron ore, this is a company that is a tortured company that I do not want you to touch. It has too many environmental issues, and I think that the Chinese economy, which provides a lot of the buying, has cooled.”

Bionano Genomics: “That’s as speculative as you can get. Understand that that one could be cut in half and no one would care. That’s really the problem.”

Plug Power: “I love hydrogen. … I am a huge believer in green hydrogen. PLUG is the most visible way to play it, a lot of positive news about it. I prefer one thing, and one thing only: I prefer Linde. Why Linde? Because … they are the largest market of hydrogen, and boy do you need a lot of hydrogen to have green hydrogen.”

Ocugen: “No thank you. I’m a seller.”


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