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BusinessJim Cramer says the stock market is 'full of absurdity' right now

Jim Cramer says the stock market is ‘full of absurdity’ right now

CNBC’s Jim Cramer mentioned Wednesday he is seeing a number of indicators of “absurdity” in the stock market right now, making it a bit difficult for traders to completely make sense of each day buying and selling.

The “Mad Money” host mentioned one instance is the approach during which the worth of pure fuel is, primarily, impacting the efficiency of expertise shares. The rising worth of pure fuel is enjoying a giant half in the latest transfer greater in bond yields, Cramer contended, as a result of it performs into traders’ inflation considerations. And the transfer greater in bond yields is making expertise shares fall out of favor on Wall Street, he mentioned.

“Of course, when a linkage gets this attenuated it makes you wonder if the market has completely lost its mind. Do we really believe Apple’s stock should rally if natural gas falls from $6 to $5.50?” Cramer requested rhetorically. “Apple’s market capitalization might literally grow by $50 billion if natural gas breaks down below $5.50, even though there’s no direct connection. But, like it or not, that is how this market works, at least for the moment.”

“It’s not just the tech-natural gas linkage; this market’s full of absurdity,” Cramer added.

He mentioned one other instance is the efficiency of Warby Parker shares of their market debut Wednesday. The eyeglass maker went public by way of direct itemizing and the stock closed at $54.49, up 36% from its $40 reference worth.

That provides the firm a valuation of greater than $6 billion, which Cramer described as “lunacy.” On Tuesday, Cramer informed “Mad Money” viewers he likes the firm, however he’d “steer clear” of the stock except it traded nicely under its reference worth.

“Last year, Warby Parker raised a bunch of money at [a $3 billion valuation] and almost nothing has changed since then,” Cramer mentioned Wednesday. “So either the people who got in on that last round of private fundraising are some of the savviest investors in the world, or the people buying it up here today are a bunch of suckers. I’m guessing the latter.”


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