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BusinessCramer's lightning round: Doximity is a winner

Cramer’s lightning round: Doximity is a winner

Carnival Corp.: “Carnival is good, but today is [Norwegian Cruise Line CEO] Frank Del Rio’s birthday — happy birthday. Norwegian Cruise [is] a better stock, and what a great guy.”

Duolingo: “Duolingo is from Pittsburgh, PA. It is such a brilliant company.”

Helbiz Inc.: “Electric scooters is a bad business, all right? I’m putting it to you. It’s a bad business, all right? We’re going to stay away.”

Blade Air Mobility: “I am a Blade believer. I’ve met [CEO Rob Wiesenthal] … I think he’s got brains. He’s moving all over the place. It’s a very inexpensive stock. I want you to hold onto that bad boy.”

Doximity: “It’s been a winner, and I continue to think it’s going to be a winner.”

Actinium Pharmaceuticals: “I don’t these fellas. I don’t know this company.”


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