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BusinessCramer's lightning round: Nucor is a buy

Cramer’s lightning round: Nucor is a buy

Dynavax Technologies Corp.: “Yeah, well, it’s good. I love these little immuno drug stories.”

Nucor Corp.: Buy. “Nucor is coming back. … People think it’s going to earn $22 [per share] this year and $11 next year. It’s probably going to earn $20 next year, and the stock sells at 5 times earnings. It should sell at 10 times earnings. That means you’re going to get a double if you hold onto Nucor. I really believe that. I know most people don’t.”

Amarin Corp.: “OK. Let’s just describe this. This is a $5 stock that might get a bid or might go to zero, and that’s how you have to look at. Interesting risk/reward.”


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